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Anthony Griglione

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Anthony has 5 years in the industry and 2.5 years with Pot O'Gold Kustoms.

Anthony's main job is to assist with overseeing the projects as they move around from various stages of completion. Anthony does Brakes, steering, suspension upgrades as well as mechanical details and even detailing.

Enjoys walks on the beach and giving the boss bad news.

"Deep down all the other guys know my beard is the best in the shop!"

April Bakke

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April is a self-taught metal fabricator that does tig/mig welding and sheet metal fabrication. She has taken classes from Gene Windfield to expand her metal shaping skills and like to use every day as a learning experience as the industry is ever changing.

She does not like long walks on the beach, but zoo trips instead!

James Keith

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James has been a long time piece of the industry from racing with his dad at a young age, to building suspension pieces for street rods. James has worked for some of the greatest Hot Rod shops in the industry over his years. His job includes panel replacement, rust repairs, panel alignments, gap, fit and finish metal work.

His life revolves around his grand kids. He also enjoys good food with good company and the occasional tasty beverage.

Gregg Jones

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Gregg is able to take a car from bare metal, all the way through the painting process to include polishing and detailing. Gregg's job includes metal work, body filler work, block sanding, panel alignments, wet sanding, and polishing. He also assists with assembly of the cars after the paint process is complete.

Interests are in old cars specifically the 30s- 60s cars, lowbrow art and culture, reading, skateboarding & surf culture, shooting guns and hanging out with the shop dog taking naps!

Mike Gautney

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Mike has been in the industry since 1996 when he attended a technical school for welding, body and paint work. He has worked various in the jobs in the industry from collision and basic body repairs to full blown custom cars making him a great fit here at the shop.

Mike like to enjoy the scenery in Colorado with hikes and various adventures. 

Shannon Waltz

2008 WyoTech graduate for collision/refinishing and Street Rod. In addition to WyoTech, Shannon also has a community college degree for brakes, electrical diagnosis, transmissions, suspensions, alignments and performance engines. Worked in the industry doing mechanical repairs for various shops around town before starting the shop now 9 years ago out of a 2 car garage on the west side of town.

Enjoys working on his truck and hanging out with his family

Tyler Waltz

Now 18, he is doing work at the shop doing including everything from bodywork to mechanical and everything in-between

Tyler continues to learn every day and when there is something, he doesn’t know he learns it, practices it, and then masters it.

It's fun to see people try and stump him with their car knowledge

Christopher "Rosie" Roseboom

Rosie started in the industry working at a body shop in 1986 when gas was only $.93/gallon.

Rosie has experience in all areas of automotive collision and paint. His experience ranges from office work to bodywork and if you ask him nicely, he can even tell you the best way to detail your car because you guessed it, he has experience in that as well.

Here at Pot O' Gold, Rosie primarily takes care of bodywork, blocking cars straight for a perfect finish.

In his spare time, Rosie loves restoring vintage bicycles.

Robert Johnson

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Robert is in our Paint & Body Department where he does Finish Bodywork. He is commonly known to make our painter (The Boss) look really good by Block Sanding projects flat as glass.

With his love for anything with wheels, he often buys unusual Antique & Nostalgic car and motorcycle parts as decoration for his home.

On weekends usually he finds himself "LOST" on his Harley experiencing the next great story.


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This is Strummer. He's the shop dog. He loves keeping everyone entertained and barking at us if we are not giving him enough attention or enough treats. As his dad is Gregg, he, too, loves taking naps! Strummer is a vital piece of the shop.

When he doesn't come in we all know it. It's just too quiet.